New Custom Audio in time for Spring

boomer_logo_emailWe just added or updated a bunch of our New Custom Audio Installation Galleries. These include

  • Land rover Defender
  • New Holland Excavator
  • 2013 GMC Sierra 2500HD
  • Nissan 370z
  • Nissan 350z
  • more added to our Mercedes Custom
  • T-rex
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ford Expedition

Come and check us out, it is getting warm finally, time for some good outdoors driving fun.

Always a good day at Boomers

WOW! Record number of Car Starter Installs


Click to visit our car starter page

Thanks to everyone for their patience over the last few months. We have accomplished a record number of Remote Car Starter Installs this year.  The numbers aren’t in yet, so stay tuned.  Our apologies for the scheduling delays that this caused some of you.  Be assured, Boomers in on this, and there will be surprising changes coming. We never, never, never want to have to turn anyone away.

Now that the holiday rush is past, if you still haven’t got that install done, call back and let us find a day/time in our schedule convenient for you. It is still pretty cold out there, with a lot more winter yet go (warm cars are nice).

Always a good day at Boomers

Top 100 Installers 2012-2013

One of our installers made TOP 100 Installers for 2012-2013. Congratulations Ryan!


This is to certify that

Ryan Leblanc

is recognized as one of Mobile Electronics magazine’s
Top 100 Installers in the United States for 2012-2013.

This Certificate is a testament to this installer’s
expertise, professionalism and continuous pursuit
of knowledge to better his abilities
as well as those of his peers.


Great Sound over the Water



We just added a Marine and Boat Custom Audio Galley. If you have a boat come check it out, or if your friend has the boat, he probably needs to check it out, so help him find this page so you can share the rewards of Great Sound over the water.  Always looking for something new, Your Friends at Boomers.

New Premium Car Starter Page Added

viper-control androidWe just added a new App Controlled Premium Car Starter viper-gps-locator-sm iphonepage. Imagine controlling and monitoring your Car using either an Android or iPhone based Smart phone. Look for it under ‘Services’ on our main menu bar. We hope to introduce you to some premium Car Starter features that you might not have already been aware of.  Send us an email or call and let us know what you think.

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New Premium Radar Detection Page

K40 STEALTH Premium Radar detection

K40 Stealth premium radar

We just added a new ‘Almost Stealth’ Premium Radar Detection page. Look for it under ‘Services’ on our main menu bar. We hope to introduce you to some premium radar detection features that you might not have already been aware of.  Send us an email or call and let us know what you think.

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Boomer Techs Rank in Top 100 Installers 2011-2012

Top 100 Installers 2011-2012

We here at Boomer McLoud Nashua are really proud of our highly skilled technical staff.  These guys are a major part of why our custom work wins shows and turns eyes everywhere. We know they are the best, but what we think might be considered biased, so here is what the industry says. Two of our installers (Norm & Ryan) made the list of Top 100 Installers for 2011-2012.  This list was prepared by Mobile Electronics, you can see the top 100 installers here. Search for Boomer, or Nashua to find them in the list.





May 2012 American Bagger Cover Story

May 2012 American Bagger: CFO Street Glide

CFO Street Glide Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyAmerican Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyWe have a running joke among the staff.  About 100 times a year, we are asked, “Is my bike cover worthy” or “Am I getting the cover.” We’ve had shops turn down a bike feature in our magazine because they weren’t getting the cover. Arlen Ness. Cory Ness. Paul Yaffe. Donnie Smith and Brian Klock never ask for the cover. They are happy that their talents are recognized and they welcome the exposure for their companies. Before we arrived in Daytona and saw this bike. Craig Finnerty of CFO. asked if it was going on American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom Harleythe cover. We texted back and forth the entire week. Bit I didn’t reveal if he would get the cover. I even posted a picture of the Bagger on our Facebook page with the caption, “Possible cover bike.” What Craig didn’t know is that we had cover-worthy bikes for this issue. But not that special cover-worthy photo. We decided the first day at Bike Week that Craig’s Bagger was going on the cover. So the lesson is – sometimes all you have to do is ask. Unless you’re American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyRonnie from Chop Docs, you should know better! Chad Charbonneau of Litchfield. NH was a motocross racer. After numerous surgeries, broken bones and physical therapy, he decided that it was safer to ride a Bagger on the street than ride off road. Chad’s first Harley is this 2010 Street Glide. He thought he had a good idea of what he wanted: a stretched rear fender, stretched bags, a 21″ wheel and a new front fender. He arrived at Daytona for Bike Week in 2011 and realized his Bagger wasn’t that special. He noticed the trend of 23″ and 26″ wheels up front. He came back from Daytona and installed a 23″ up front and a new stereo. After a couple months American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom Harleyhe decided to go to the next level and cut/rake the frame, install a 26″ front wheel, a new rear fender, stretched bags and another new stereo from Boomer McLoud. After 15,000 miles of trouble-free riding with the 26″ front wheel, Chad was tired of all the haters asking how he could ride his Bagger with that big wheel. Maybe it was out of spite at first, but his latest makeover (he swears it’s the last) took his Bagger to an entirely new level.
Chad’s latest makeover was a joint build by Boomer McLoud’s in Nashua, NH and Craig Finnerty Originals. Boomer McLoud’s handled the audio and all the fabrication associated with that, while Craig handled the engine performance and the styling.

American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyThe Twin Cam motor was rebuilt by CFO and bumped up to 107 cubic inches. Performance upgrades include a T-Man welded crank, ProCharger supercharger, Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner Pro, T-Man cams and stage-four ProCharger heads, Wiseco gas-ported pistons, Sinister “Up Yours” exhaust and T-Man cylinders. Eric Paquette, of DAS Performance, tuned the motor for final numbers of 201 horses and 170 ft. -Ibs. of torque. To keep that power in check, an AIM CF2 lockup clutch was installed.
The frame has two inches of stretch and nine degrees of rake with an HHI neck kit. Arnott Air Ride was installed on the back with Native Custom Baggers’ air ride up front. The tubes are four inches over from Native Custom Baggers, the sliders and 12-degree raked trees are from HHI. The chinspoiler is from Ballistic. A 30″ Thomason Performance wheel rides up front with matching 13″ rotors and HHI six piston calipers. A matching 17″ Thomason Performance wheel rides on the back. The wheels were pinstriped by KandyMan Kustoms.
The HHI bars feature HHI grips and hand controls. The outer fairing is from Ballistic and features a Sinister windshield. The inner fairing is from FBI. It was modified by Boomer McLoud’s and features an iPad 2. The one-off audio system consists of a Kenwood head unit American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom Harleyin the left saddlebag, and an Arc Audio amp that powers two sets of Focal speakers. One set is molded into the front of the saddlebags and the other set is in the inner fairing, which also has custom tweeter pods. Boomer McLoud’s is responsible for the taillight, license plate mount, turn signals and modifying the Arlen Ness Down-N-Out Bags. The stretched tank is from Bagger Nation. Tom’s Tops and Trim made the seat on a CFO seat pan. Front and rear fenders are from B’Coo!. Bad Dad supplied the floorboards and foot controls. Powder Coating Alternatives handled the coating. Mike and Dario at Crossroads Collision handled the paint and KandyMan Kustoms took care of the pin striping. Boomer McLoud’s Nashua store can be reached at 603.889.9799. Craig Finnerty at CFO can be reached at 603.279.9059…American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom Harley

Owner: Chad Charbonneau Brand Name: Harley-Davidson® Model: Street Glide Year: 2D1D Fabrication: Boomer McLoud -Nashua/CFD Assembly: Boomer Mcloud -Nashua/CFD/Owner Build Time: 6 Months Powder Coating: Powder Coating Alternatives Paint/Graphics: Crossroads Collision Color/Graphics Description: Pinstriping by KandyMan Kustoms
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: Twin Cam Displacement: 107 cu. in. Rebuilt by/Balancing: CFD Lower End: T-Man Welded Crank Cylinder Heads: T-Man Stage 4 Pistons: Wiseco Gas Ported Cylinders: T-Man Air Cleaner: ProCharger EFI/Fuel Management: SE Super Tuner Pro Exhaust: Sinister “Up Yours” Cam[s]: T-Man 662.2 Rocker Arms/Pushrods: S&S Compression Ratio: 9.5:1 Rated HP: 201 Finish: Jet-Hot Coating
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Shifting: 6-Speed Special Features: AIM Corp. CF2 Lockup Clutch
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: Street Glide Suspension Type: Arnott Air Ride SpecialFeatures:HHINeckKit,Ballistc ChinSpoiler
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: FL Style/Type: Native Custom Baggers Air Ride Tubes: Native Custom Baggers Sliders: HHI
FRONT/Size: 30″ Wheel: Thomason Performance Tire Size: 140/40-30 Brake Calipers: HHI 6-Piston Brake Rotors: Thomason Performance 13″
REAR/Size: 17″ Wheel: Thomason Performance Tire Size: 200/50-17 Brake Caliper/Rotor: H-D
Handlebars/Grips/Hand Controls: HHI Fairing: Ballistic/ Boomer McLoud Windshield: Sinister Headlight: HID/Boomer McLoud Taillight: Boomer McLoud Add. Lighting: Directionals by Boomer McLoud License Plate Mount: Boomer McLoud Saddlebags: Arlen Ness Down-N.{)ut/ Boomer McLoud Seat: CFO/Tom” s Tops and Trim Gas Tank: Bagger Nation Fenders: B” Cool Footboards/ Foot Controls: Bad Dad Sound System: Boomer McLoud -Nashua, NH
 American Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyAmerican Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyAmerican Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyAmerican Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom HarleyAmerican Bagger Cover Boomer Nashua Custom Harley

With permission 2012 American Bagger magazine